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Powerful, built-in business solutions

Our SkyTab POS hardware powers the best restaurants in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Think of it as an operating system for your business.

Credit Card Processing

Securely accept payments from your customers

Simplify your payments operations with our simple, secure end-to-end solution. Protect your customers’ data with ironclad technology while staying on top of the latest payment methods.

We know your business is uniquely your’s – that’s why we’re happy to build a customized rate for you based on your business, volume and average ticket size.

SkyTab Hardware

The All-in-One POS Platform for One Afforable Price

With our program, you pay zero upfront and just a low monthly rate for warranty and support. Our program includes the necessary hardware, software, programming, and onsite implementation with a simple, transparent cost.

Powerful Offline Mode

Rain or shine, you can process credit card payments as our POS software can store the data if you lose your connection. Once it comes back online, it will then reprocess everything. Coupled with our best-in-class PCI-validated point-to-point encryption, we provide the peace of mind you need to keep your business moving.

What is a cash advantage program?

Avoid processor fees by incentivizing customers to pay with cash through discounts and promotions. Cash advantage programs can have a significant impact on a restaurant's bottom line. To learn more about how ProVantage POS can assist your business with this, just get in touch.

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Drastically lower the cost for accepting credit cards at your restaurant.

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We provide the required signage to notify your customers about this fee.

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No Obligation

Change your mind? We can switch you to traditional processing.

Mobile & Remote Access

Access your back office from anywhere with our software solutions

Meet Lighthouse, our back office web app. Lighthouse allows business owners to get instant insights from any device with a web browser, empowering them to make smart decisions driven by real-time order data.

Mobile & Remote Access

Take your back office with you on the go

InCharge is our mobile app for managing your business right from your phone. Stay in the know, no matter where you are, with its easy-to-use reporting and analytics features.

Online Ordering & Payments

Grow bottom line without third-party fees

Why loop in an additional company to handle your online orders? Avoid the hassle and extra fees by using our unified online ordering solution. Accept payments online and manage online orders with the same solution that powers your in-store payments.

Online Ordering

Mobile Ordering

Easily accept orders on the go with SkyTab POS

We’re not just for sit-down restaurants: ProVantage POS is pleased to offer SkyTab solutions that are perfect for food trucks and other food spots on the go. Easy and convenient for your staff and your customers!

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Apple Pay & Google Pay

Save your customers time by letting them pay with their phone

Our SkyTab POS hardware accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay without additional setup fees or third-party integrations. Speed up the payment process with convenient payment options that customers love.

Provantage POS Shift4 mobile pay

Gift Cards & Loyalty

Drive Sales and Keep Customers Returning With Smart Reward Features

Our POS solutions provide all the tools you need to turn first-time visitors into lifetime customers. Increase brand loyalty and gain invaluable insights into your customer’s order habits.

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Labor Management

Go beyond orders and manage every aspect of your team with ease

Workforce is our labor management solution, designed to help restaurant owners manage their staff and operations, all from an app that pairs perfectly with our POS solutions.

Real-Time Communication Keeps You Connected To Your Team

Keep up with your entire staff, no matter where you are. Set your team’s shifts on the go with the Workforce mobile app, complete with push notifications for real-time scheduling information.

Keep Compliant with Labor Laws

Avoid employee turnover and keep your workplace fair and healthy while adhering to federal, state, and local labor regulations.


Enhanced Data Insight and Management with SkyTab Business Intelligence

SkyTab Business Intelligence provides restaurant operators with a comprehensive overview of their entire business network, allowing them to zoom in on specific locations and compare data side-by-side in real-time. This platform includes advanced filtering options for detailed data analysis.

Furthermore, SkyTab has introduced several additional features tailored for large-scale restaurant operations, including in-depth transaction management, reporting on different revenue centers, and tools for managing menus across multiple locations. These enhancements are offered to businesses using SkyTab at no extra charge.

SkyTab Business Intelligence equips you with the essential resources to make informed, data-driven choices – suitable for both individual eateries and expansive national franchises.